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What is Experience Central?

Experience Central is a powerful single platform that provides valuable insights into the factors preventing employees from performing at their best. By identifying these barriers to performance, it provides engagement initiatives to engage employees and tackle performance issues at the root cause.

Experience Central identifies a connection between survey data and your performance indicators. EC is a platform that takes an employee survey beyond the isolated measurement of organization and transforms it into a business tool that helps your entire organization focus on what improves engagement and performance through reliable diagnosis and proven engagement prescriptions that will impact the bottom-line of your business.

Experience Central will use “Design Thinking” approach to deliver unique engagement initiatives that can attract most employees.

Engagement By Design

Engagement Central is built on the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs by integrating measures of engagement and enablement into the equation in the form of 8 broad organizational Elements. Engagement Central offers a validated index of engagement & enablement statements called the 'Element Engagement Index' (EEI) for each of the 8 organizational elements. These indices are mapped on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to define the behavioral profiles of engagement observed on the 5 levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

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What will your organisation BENEFIT through Engagement Central?

Voice of Employees

Measure employees’ view on effectiveness of workplace

Strategic HR Value

Strategically align HR initiatives to enhance effectiveness with measurable ROI for your resources


Improve productivity per person and impact financial result by maximizing talent in the organization

In-Depth Insights

Identify barriers to individual performance and contributors to retention success

Minimized turnover

Improve employee retention and happiness by identifying and transforming “disengagement agents”

Predictable Results

Eliminate blind areas and devise an effective action plan to foster a culture of engagement throughout the organisation

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Principle Equation of Engagement Central:
Organisational Health + Productivity Enhancement = Financial Wellness.

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